SystemSpecs chief advises govt on capacity building

Indigenous software powerhouse, SystemSpecs, has advised the Federal Government to build local capacity to meet the requisite manpower requirements of emerging technologies.

Its Executive Director, Deremi  Atanda  who spoke on the sidelines of the seventh German Nigerian Business Forum  at Eko Hotel and Suites in Lagos, said though the economy is prepared to accommodate new technologies, the government should continue to build local capacities.

He said: “Our economy is more than ready and you can attest to that by the number of technology companies springing up in Nigeria every day. The potential of what they do, how they are being celebrated all over the world, the potential to earn and bring forex into this so we are more than ready and that is why one of the key areas we need to keep looking at is to keep building capacity to make sure that we seize the day.

“Nigeria needs to seize the day and see its emergence as a giant and technology landscape. It is not one of the areas we can afford to stay back and keep depending on foreign tech, it’s clear that we have what it takes and we should be firmly committed to that across all levels and to just take the Nigeria success story out there for the benefit of Nigeria and Nigerians. ”

Atanda said the emergence of new technologies is no threat to jobs, stressing that all that was needed was upskilling.

“If you have your visions right which takes us back to when man landed in the moon all it took was a vision. So, if there are things we need to address, they are staring us in the face, the vision and first thing is I want to address this issue, once you are committed to that, you will see that there are different ways of solving the problem and particularly about one’s capacity, you can see already, Lagos State is taking a lead and particularly on that, we are partnering with Lagos where young people even those in primary schools are being introduced to the era of programming. So it’s not a future to come, it’s here today.

“So, solving those problems with technology means developing capacity and manpower and that’s one project I’m very passionate about and can see that once we build capacity from the very root which is not about education curriculum, it’s about capacity for survival, evolution of economies and society, then we are committed to solving our problems. And I think Lagos can be a model for what it takes to create the much needed capacity to address our own problem without reliance on foreign support and technology most of the time,” he said.

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