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The start of the season in the Champions League was not the best for Milan Inter. The players of Antonio Conte were, perhaps, in the most difficult quartet of the group stage, where their rivals were:

  • Barcelona.
  • Borussia.
  • Slavia.

The latter, although last season reached the quarter final of the Europa League, was still considered as a nominal outsider of the quartet. The more offensive for Nerazzurri was the fact that they could not beat their opponents from the Czech Republic in the opening match.

Losing points in a match against Slavia is a great luxury if the team really sets itself the task of reaching the Champions League playoffs. How successful this goal will be can be predicted thanks to the sports betting.
At the same time, Inter is quite successfully performing in the domestic arena, where it confidently started the season with several victories in a row. It can be seen that despite a good selection of players, it’s hard for the team of Antonio Conte to play on 2 fronts.
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Live football stream of the most interesting matches
Now, Inter led by Conte is just starting to demonstrate the football that the Italian mentor is instilling. However, it is clear that the team is able to progress. If Nerazzurri really expect to enter the playoffs of the Champions League, then they will have to do their best in confrontations with direct competitors – Borussia and Barcelona. Thanks to the live football stream feature, it will be possible to see how the team will be able to do this.

In the past season, Inter has already lost the ticket to the playoffs in the last round. Over the year, the team became stronger and more experienced, which should help it to please its fans this time.

Watching the live football stream of the latest confrontations, it becomes obvious that the team is gradually progressing, but will it have time to get the most for the decisive matches in the international arena, which will begin in the near future? The players of Conte have no other choice, because any misfire in the Champions League is expensive, since there will be no time to fix them.

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