Snake comes back from dead after being beheaded and bites killer – naijanews Video

THIS is the moment a rattlesnake already beheaded and skinned comes back from dead and tries to bite its killer. naijanews video shows that the the zombie serpent seems to slither and wriggle despite neither having a head or tail.

A fellow dead snake meanwhile lies motionless beside it. “Oh s*** there he goes, he is p***** off with me now,” said the chef preparing to eat the helpless reptile.

“I have killed and ate many snakes in my life but never one that will not die.”

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The man behind the camera, speaking with a southern American accent, appears to be recording the footage live for a relative.

The conversation ends with a trivial discussion about church and jewellery.

Skinned snake with no head comes back from dead to attack chef

More than 159,000 people have watched the film from naija news

One viewer wrote underneath: “By a classic definition, it is dead. “But a snake’s neurological system includes motor roots at each vertebrae, meaning that it can continue to move even after the main brain and heart have been removed.”The movement is nothing but the result of a biochemical reaction, once those chemicals are used up, it will stop.
“Even some receptors might still be sending signals about temperature or pain, but there is no recipient.” – naija news com

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